What are Capacitors?

If an electrical component is generating energy, there is must be another that helps store the energy that is unused. This is the main role of a capacitor, to help store electrical energy. Storing energy may seem like what a battery does. However, the main difference is that a battery can create new electrons as well and capacitor does not have this as a function. Interesting enough, any individual with two pieces of aluminum and a piece of paper (dielectric) can act as a capacitor. A capacitor’s size and type of dielectric, a non-conduction substance, determines whether the capacitor focuses on high frequency uses or high voltage programs. Did you know capacitors can power items from as small as a camera and to as big as powering a boat?

Types of Capacitors?

Why are there different types of capacitors?

Capacitors are usually categorized by the material used as the dielectric. There are plenty of different types of material that make up the capacitors.

What are the types of capacitors?

Where to find Capacitors online?

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Popular Capacitors

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