What is a Transistor?

Transistors are best known to exclusively focus on amplifying current. With the help of resistors (converting current to voltage), transistors essentially amplify the voltage of what an integrated circuit gives off initially. This electrical component has the option to be operated as either a switch or an amplifier. Transistors can be found usually on integrated circuits working along with other electrical components producing much larger output than it originally gives off.

What are the types of Transistors?

As you try to find transistors online remember that there are two types of transistors, NPN and PNP. The “P” stands for a positive charged layer and the “N” is for the negative charged layer. The order of the letters verifies the type of impure silicone layer. You are more likely to find NPN transistors because they have become much more popular today than usual. A radio signal that has a frail wave signal can use a transistor to reach further places because it intensifies the strength of the signal.

Where to find Transistors?

Today, technology is increasing at an exponential rate. Many manufacturers rarely hold onto older models of transistors and it is becoming harder to find this type of electric component. At Firstlook-Electronics we are here to help you personally help find the type of transistors that may be a challenge to find. Our knowledge of transistors is reflected over the past 20 years. If you already know the transistor part number you may enter it on our Request for Quote page. On the other hand, if you would like to speak with someone on our staff, please visit the Contact Us page and we will surely get back to you within 24 hours.

Popular Transistors

Listed below are the most common transistors in the market today:

  • 2N2222 – The 2N2222 is a popular transistor known for its low-med power performance working at a relatively high speed. In the 60s, Motorola introduced the 2N2222 at a convention that is still produced today by companies such as Texas Instruments.
  • C1815 – The C1815 is a NPN layered transistor. This part is made for audio frequency general purpose amplifier applications. Toshiba is the original maker of the C1815 transistor.
  • 2N3906 – The 2N3906 is a general purpose transistor that is layered PNP. Philips Semiconductors are the manufacturers of the part 2N3906.
  • 2N3904 – The 2N3904 is a general purpose transistor that is layered NPN (complementary to the 2N3906). The 2n3904 is a NPN (Neg-Pos-Neg) transistor that is mainly used in a low current, medium voltage environment. This transistor is a world renown general purpose part. The PNP complementary part for the 2n3904 transistor is the 2n3906. Motorola Semiconductor company were the first to register the 2n3904 part. Each of the three wires that attached to the base are called the emitter, base, and collector leads. If you are looking for the 2n3904 click on the RFQ button below and we will get back to you within hours!
  • TIP120
  • ULN2003A