Crystals and Oscillators

What is an Oscillator?

An oscillator’s main purpose to produce a repetition of energy transfers to another. These electronic signals that bounce around are used in electronics today to transfer energy in different shaped waves. Think about the FM station on your radio. The wave that carries it from one antenna to your car’s antenna is oscillated through the air using a unique shape to produce different outputs.

Crystal Oscillators

Many devices today oscillators are designed from the “the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal.” With the abundance of electronics around these types of oscillators, they are just known to be called crystal oscillators.

What are the types of Oscillators?

Relaxation Oscillator – this type of oscillator produces output in a non-sinusoidal (non-wavelike) output. Forms of these outputs come in multiple shapes like a square, sawtooth, and the triangle waves. Request a quote if you need to buy relaxation oscillators. Below is a list of different types of relaxation oscillator circuits:

Harmonic Oscillator –these oscillators have a sinusoidal type of output. Below is a list of harmonic oscillators to amplify and filter these circuits:

Where to find oscillators?

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