What are Diodes?

Diodes can be best thought about as stream of water; moving in only one direction. Both, positive and negative, voltages have the capability of transferring through the diode. However, only one type of energy can pass through due to the diode’s one way function. The first types of televisions and radios used to carry diodes that came in the form of tubes. Today, technology has designed smaller and longer lasting diodes called solid state diodes.

Did you know that the LED lights on your keychain actually are a type of diodes? LED lights are actually spelt out light emitting diodes.

Where to find obsolete diodes?

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Diode Manufacturers

Popular Diodes?

Listed below are the most common diodes in the market today:


  • 1N4002 is a standard diode rectifier. Learn more and buy here…
  • 1N4148 is considered to be known as a standard switching diode. Learn more and buy here…
  • 1N270 is a Germanium diode as opposed to other parts that can be made from silicon. This diode is usually found in Crystal Radio sets and these 1N270 parts are found mainly in sound effect circuits.