What is a Semiconductor?

To think about what a semiconductor does first imagine life without an air conditioner or even a microwave to warm up your food. These two need a semiconductor installed to work the brains of the product. The semiconductor will ensure the system is running properly by maintaining the needed electricity charge. The amount and efficiency of one semiconductor to the next is based on its size, the amount of purity of the semiconductor, plus more. With the help of today’s advanced technology semiconductors is more of a bridge between insulators (i.e. paper or wood) and conductors (i.e. copper or steel).

What are the types of Semiconductors?

There are many semiconductor companies that focus on the different aspect of the companies. There are the companies that primarily assemble and test the semiconductor units that include: Amkor Tech, Tessolve, and UTAC. Fabless companies such as Actel, Broadcom, and ATI Technologies, choose to work on the design and selling while outsourcing the fabrication process. This fabrication process is dealt by Foundry semiconductor companies such as Powerchip Semiconductor, GlobalFoundries, and TSMC.

Where to find Semiconductors?

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