ULN2803A Transistors

Where to buy ULN2803A Transistors?

Looking to buy ULN2803A transistors to buy in bulk? Our affordable, high quality ULN2803A transistors are known as high voltage and high current Darlingtons. We only find ULN2803A transistors that are highly rated originally manufactured part that is made up of eight npn pairs of Darlington that display high voltge outputs in common-cathode clamp diodes for switching the inductive loads. The ratings of collector-current of each pair of Darlington is 500 mA.the pairs of Darlington could be connected in parallel for the capability of the higher current.

Features and Specifications

ULN2803A transistor has fly-back diodes built in that allow you to drive inductive loads with it without bothering about damaging your Arduino. The digital pins of Arduino are very great to control small loads such as LEDs. Meanwhile, if you want to control something bigger, then transistors are needed. A ULN2803A transistor is truly hand IC as it anchors 8 high current transitors in just one package. ULN2803A transistor is a perfect for driving SSR’s in metering/power switching and control system. It is very cheap and the easy way to interface a low-current source.

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