RD15HVF1 Transistors

Where to buy RD15HVF1 Transistors?

Buy quality RD15HVF1 transistors for sale in bulk at competitive wholesale prices! We know you need this RD15HVF1 quick and at affordable rates. Firstlook-Electronics can help you find these hard to find RD15HVF1 transistors and deliver to you fast. The RD15HVF1 transistor parts is a MOSFET type transistor that is precisely devised for the VHF/UHF high power amplifiers applications or to be specific, output stages of high power amplifiers in VHF/UHF.


The RD15HVF1 transistor features the following High Power and High Gain: Pout>15W, Gp>14dB @Vdd=12.5V, f=175MHZ Pout>15W, Gp>7dB @Vdd=12.5V,f=520MHz High Efficiency: 60%typ. on VHF Band High Efficiency: 55%typ. on UHF Band.


The RD15HVF1 Transistor is a RoHS compliant product. The RoHS compliance is illustrated by the letter “G” after the lot marking. This means that the product is acting in full conformance with RoHS regulations and documenting your testing for RoHS controlled substances. All these also mean that this transistor has gone through extensive quality control measure in order to deliver excellence and high standards of quality. Just like all the other components here, we uphold superior quality. So you can be sure that this transistor will deliver a massive output and yes, it will certainly do its job to truly compound and amp up what the integrated circuit can dispense at the outset. It’s time to intensify your integrated circuits and let this RD15HVF1 Transistor be a part of your switches and amplifiers!

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