What is a Resistor?

To understand a resistor, visualize a water dam controlling the amount of water that flows through. A resistor mimics the responsibility similar to the water dam, but instead resistors determine how much current can pass through (Ohm’s law).

What are the types of Resistors?

Resistors are part of the electrical component family and help make processors more efficient. There are five types of resistors, but there two are most common. The first is what controls the amount of current at a fixed rate called fixed resistor. An example is of a static resistor is in when they are placed within LEDs. Some products like TVs must give off voltages at inconsistent rates called variable resistors.

Where to find Resistors?

Looking for a resistor may seem troubling to find. At Firstlook-Electronics our job is to help you find these obsolete resistors. We work individually with each of our customers to make sure they find every electronic component needed. If you already know the number for the part you are looking for visit our RFQ page. Otherwise if you have questions or need any assistance, visit our Contact Us page for more help.