What is a connector?

Connectors components help join electrical circuits together. A connector can either join two wires together or connect one wire to a terminal. Connectors usually are designed with a “keyed” method to avoid having the parts mate with incorrect parts. Did you know there are over hundreds of different types of connectors in the electronic component family? To name a few: backplane, banana, barrel, blade type power, modular, rectangular, terminal blocks, and many more.

How are the different types of connectors classified?

Connectors are categorized by the way they function and designed.

What are the types of Connectors?

Power connectors – this type of connector is used to connect power to devices such as PCs and testing equipment.


Audio connectors – connectors in this category have been around for awhile. Audio connectors are synonymous to RCA plug and jack connectors. These are are usually used to connect devices such as microphones and amplifiers


BNC and UHF connectors – commonly used for test equipment like the oscilloscopes. Both types are primarily attached to coaxial cables carrying a RF signal.


D-Shell connectors – connectors like these are used on ports that connect to the PC such as a printer port connector


Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs)

Where to find electronic connectors?

Many connectors become obsolete and everyday these connectors become much harder to find. At Firstlook-Electronics we help you find cinch connectors, banana connectors, 2 pin connectors, plus more online. Our staff has over 20+ years experience as an electronic components company. To get started quickly we give you two options to help expedite your search. If you know the part number for and want to search our database click on our RFQ link below and search for the specific connector part number. Otherwise, if you need assistance please fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we will surely get back to you within a few hours.

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